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What We Do

Common Treatments

For over two decades, our centers have been helping accident victims recover from injuries -- assisting with the involved, all along the way. Our staff is recognized by many personal injury law firms for our excellent rehabilitation skills and medical records.

Recovering from injuries due to accidents can often have long term repercussions if not treated properly at the time of injury. There is no need to wait it out or suffer through a painful recovery -- we can help. Whether the patient needs physical therapy to recover; kinetic activity; hydrotherapy, and/or electrical muscle stimulation, our expert and highly trained staff of physicians, therapists and specialists, will make sure patients have the proper care they deserve.

Licensed and accredited in the State of Florida, we know all the ins and outs of the rehabilitation process, making it simple for our patients. We do the worrying; you do the recovering.

Skilled and friendly, our practice is always here for you -- give us a call today.